Diabetes Care Center

Healthy Life Diabetes Care Centre is geared to empower people affected by diabetes with eveidence based information, investigations and treatment.

Diabetes is challenging and the daily routine required to manage this disease requires awareness , guidance and support. We work with the patient as a team with the physician, endocrinologist, diabetes nurses and nutritionist.

Diabetes Checkup packages provide complete assessment of current diabetes control and complication profile

SMART D, an innovative program to ensure complete diabetes care which is cost effective as well as with ease of followup is one of a kind, bringing relieve for many people with diabetes

Some of the services include:

  • Physicians, specialist consultations
  • Nutritionist
  • Foot assessment and care
  • Neuropathy assessment and ABI
  • Eye care
  • Glucometer usage education
  • Initiation of insulin
  • Self care education
  • Weight managemen program
  • Exercise
  • Diabetes burn-out support


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