Founded in 2005 as a Diabetes Care Centre, Healthy Life Clinic now thrives as a Multispeciality Medical Centre

At Healthy Life Clinic our emphasis is on

  • prevention
  • health and disease management
  • lifestyle modification for improved health

We do this through our 3 pronged focus:

  • Family health with our GPs, Specialists, and allied health care professionals
  • Diabetes Centre
  • Corporate Wellness solutions via WHEALTH
Healthy Life Clinic is situated in the heart of Colombo city, and yet in a quiet lane away from the hustle and bustle, offers easy access and parking.
All consultations are done in a private, confortable setting, by trained and friendly staff. There is a range of popular and distinguished GPs and Specialists to choose from. Healthy Life Clinic also has in its premises a full diabetes management centre, foot care services, and optician, Physiotherapy, laboratory services and diagnostics. Nursing services such as wound care, nebulisations, dressings, and injections are also catered for.
Convenience and easy access, and comfort makes Healthy Life Clinic the choice for discerning individuals and families.


Our Vision:

To be a leader in building a healthy nation


Our Mission:

To provide accessible, quality, compassionate, personalized health care with the patient as an informed partner


Our Values:

  • Respect
    * Honor the people we serve
    * Appreciate the work of others
    * Welcome the contributions of all
    * Be truthful, honest and open
  • Excellence
    * Give our best each day
    * Be creative and resourceful with our gifts, skills and talents
    * Work as a team to seek the new and undiscovered
    * Make a difference
  • Compassion
    * Be with others
    * Understand their needs, realities and hopes
    * Give from the heart
    * Sustain the spirit
Healthy Life Clinic in Sri Lanka