Who We Are – Healthy Life Clinic , Sri Lanka

We, as a Health Care Team at Healthy Life Clinic, have taken a step forward in highlighting the significance of Diabetes and its related complications. Diabetes is a pandemic crisis, threatening the Sri Lankan population. Healthy Life offers a holistic approach to help those with Diabetes by means of different packages and membership status that covers your medical needs all through the year.

You will be supported by Laboratory services, Pharmacy, Eye clinic, Foot testing, Dietitian, Diabetes educator nurses, Diabetologists and Endocrinologists.

Understanding Diabetes and creating public awareness are key factors to better management. Many people who have Diabetes may not know that they do. So, knowing can help treat Diabetes earlier on to avoid complications. Healthy Life, with its motto “Life could be sweeter”, does just that for those with Diabetes, in a dedicated pursuit for better health.

Healthy Life Clinic becomes Multispecialty Center

In 2008, due to popular demand other services were added to Healthy Life Clinic; GP services, Pediatrics, Women’s Health, Dental Clinic, Cardiology, Dermatology, Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy.

What we do (Mission)

To prevent and treat Diabetes by increasing public awareness and strive towards building a healthy Sri Lanka.

How We Serve (Values)

  • Respect
    * Honor the people we serve
    * Appreciate the work of others
    * Welcome the contributions of all
    * Be truthful, honest and open
  • Excellence
    * Give our best each day
    * Be creative and resourceful with our gifts, skills and talents
    * Work as a team to seek the new and undiscovered
    * Make a difference
  • Compassion
    * Be with others
    * Understand their needs, realities and hopes
    * Give from the heart
    * Sustain the spirit