Our anniversary Celebrations

9th Anniversary - 2014


It is said that One person is diagnosed with diabetes every second somewhere in this world, and one person dies of diabetes every minute.  There are 347 million people with Diabetes in the world!  Diabetes is a serious condition that if not looked after well can lead to serious complications and hence disability to the patients. However if it is looked after well, this is a disease that can be easily contained. So here are 15 things that we think a diabetic should keep in mind and do, to have a happy healthy life, despite diabetes

  1. Learn more about your condition:  what type of diabetes you have, why it occurred, what are your risk factors and if these risk factors can be reduced.
  2. You need a GP or Physician. And you must get information from the doctor.
  3. Must enlist the help of a Nutritionist/Dietitian to educate yourself on the right type, quantity and balance of food that is suitable for you. Not just a list of eat this and don’t eat that.
  4. Keep active at home, at work and strive for 30 mins of brisk exercise
  5. Know your targets. Every diabetic must know their target blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and weight. And they should work towards this. Complications can only be avoided if target levels are kept from the beginning.
  6. Review with doctor every 3-4 months. Never leave a doctor’s appointment for longer than 4 months.
  7. See the eye doctor every year and have a thorough eye examination even if you don’t have symptoms
  8. Check your feet everyday at the end of the day, to ensure good health of your feet. Any wounds, blisters or ulcers must be attended immediately
  9. Every diabetic patient should have a glucometer, so that Blood sugar levels can be checked at least 2 times a week, and targets can be achieved. Both fasting blood sugar as well as the after meal (post prandial) blood sugar are important.
  10. The health of your kidney can be checked easily every year with a simple urine test. This test picks up early kidney damage long before symptoms can develop and can be easily reversed.
  11. Stop smoking. Smoking is absolutely foolish, as it increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes, circulatory problems in the legs and erectile dysfunction, exponentially.
  12. Dental hygiene and checkups are important as this is also a complication of diabetes
  13. Involving the family in the care of ones diabetes improves control and reduces stress
  14. Learn more about the diabetes drugs and insulin that you are taking to understand how it works and affects your blood sugar.
  15. Don’t be shy to talk about your difficulties in managing your diabetes with your doctor, dietitian or diabetes nurse/counselor. You would be surprised at how much they can help and guide you.


These 15 quick guides can steer you to a completely controlled complication free diabetes. Tick them off and try to fix those that you have not achieved to improve your health.

Healthy Life Clinic is offering a full diabetes checkup package for a marked down price of Rs5500 ( usual price Rs 8200) during the month of Nov as part of their 9th Anniversary celebration.

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