Our anniversary Celebrations

8th Anniversary - 2013

Every   year in November the world celebrates World Diabetes Day on the 14th. .  This is a day commemorated to increase awareness about diabetes and its complications. Every year Healthy Life Clinic, which prides itself as a centre of excellence for diabetes care, brings together a variety of programmers to increase awareness among the Srilankan public about the challenges of diabetes.

 This year, Healthy Life Clinic wishes to celebrate World Diabetes Day by.

  1. Encouraging those who have not yet done their annual/ 3 month / 6month checkups by offering a diabetes care pack worth Rs 1500-2500 FREE, with every checkup.

  2. For those who prefer a hassle-free Diabetes care – we would like to re introduce to you SMART D- Membership (The SMART-D Membership allows you to put diabetes care into auto drive, with reminders and systematic management) While stocks last, all new and +renewing members will be presented with a diabetes care pack worth Rs 5000 absolutely FREE.

These offers are exclusively for Healthy Life Clinic Customers and can be extended to your family and+ friends if introduced by you.

Of course all our other services continue. Check our website for all the services as well information on the new doctors in our team. 

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