Our anniversary Celebrations

7th Anniversary - 2012


As every year, World Diabetes Day falls on the 14th of November. This is a day that is commemorated all over the world to bring awareness about diabetes, which is slowly but surely becoming the number one killer of the modern world.

Every year Healthy Life Clinic (HLC) takes an exemplary role in bringing mass awareness to the public of Sri Lanka through their innovative ideas and programs. This year HLC gears up their centre to tackle diabetes awareness in a very personalized way.

Persons with diabetes registering with the clinic for the first time and those undergoing diabetes checkups during the promotional period this month will be treated to an extended consultation time with the specialist as well as have a diabetes coach guiding them with all their diabetes needs. This is all through individual consultations at the comfort of our Kolpetty clinic.

Diabetes is a life long disease which can lead to many long term and short term complications. Yet, It is a disease which when cared for diligently, causes very little problems. If ignored, it can be deadly. Diabetes also requires not only medicines but a lot of commitment from the patient’s side, which can impinge on their lifestyle. This, plus the fact that early on in the disease, it has very few symptoms, leads people astray and into complications.

A diabetes coach is a person trained to understand the patient’s issues and guide them in the right life style changes required to make diabetes a comfortable part of their life. The diabetes coach is knowledgable about the diet, exercises required, managing blood sugar highs and lows, tracking Blood sugars, etc.

Many other promotions are being held at the Clinic including free blood sugar testing, presentation of healthy snacks and foods and discounts and free gifts. All special consultations are strictly by appointment as time has to be allocated. Bookings can be made over the phone and coupons can be picked up at Healthguard pharmacies, SS pharmacy and Orion Pharmacy during the promotion period.

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