Our anniversary Celebrations

6th Anniversary - 2011


“Prevention of diabetes is possible, it’s easy and can be done by everyone, if they know how” is the believe that Healthy Life Clinic wished to propagated during the above event.

This type of information is difficult to propagate through a lecture hence an interesting  array of activities were planned to help the public understand how to prevent diabetes.

The activites and talks centered around the following four principles

  • Eat right
  • Be active
  • Control weight
  • Manage stress

The program showcased the principles above through three parallel activities :                                           

  1. Lectures plus demonstration
  2. Corporate Stalls
  3. Collection of biometric data

The Chief Guest was Hon. Minister of Health, Maithripala Sirisena.

850 people attended the program and many more benefitted from it through the print media and TV documentary as well as through the Corporate Companies.

1. Lecture and Demonstration
The key note address was delivered by Prof. Sisira Siriwardena. In his address he said that Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in Sri Lanka and worldwide, 14% of our population suffers from this disease and it targets the old and the young, the rich and the poor equally. He further stated that research has also shown that Diabetes Type 2 can be stopped or prevented easily and effectively by making simple life style changes.

Thereafter the Hon Minister Maithripala Sirisena addressed the gathering.

The Program then began with the Nurses explaining to the participants the value of consuming a nutritious meal. Maintaining ideal body weight, protection of foot and further details of diabetic complications were made known by leaflets that were handed out.  Another leaflet containing info on how diabetes affects the tissues and organs such as Heart, Blood vessels, Eyes, Kidneys, Brain & nerves was also distributed and the dangers of not taking the right treatment were discussed.

The best footwear, with instructions on how to protect the foot of a diabetic patient was on display and some of the participants purchased this special footwear. During the Program, on an hourly basis questions on health were put to the participants and those answering correctly won free Health Care Packages. A demonstration on diabetes was featured throughout on the TV Screen. Further information on diabetes was also given by Specialist Doctors on an individual basis to many participants.

The new dance exercise called ZUMBA was demonstrated as an interesting and effective way of exercise with the Participants.

Dr. Thurairajah spoke on the value of physical exercise which helped to increase and maintain the Blood Circulation in the body.  He further stated that less exercises and intake of fat could lead to improper functioning of the body. The Blood Sugar and cholesterol levels will go up and increase the body weight.  To maintain the Blood Glucose level, the overall diet quality mattered and this will reduce the risk of complications.

A cooking demonstration was conducted by Mr. Don Sherman. In addition to talking on the importance of healthy eating he also demonstrated on how a healthy diet could be prepared.

The ways of managing stress were also spoken about and a magic show was held to lighten the mood and add entertainment as a means to do so.  

2. Corporate Stalls:
Involvement of the Corporate Sector is a new concept that was introduced by our Physician. This helps in 3 ways :

  1. Sponsorship to increase the quality and reach of the program.
  2. It involves the Corporates who then understand the disease plus control and prevention methods. Some of these Companies employ over 10,000 staff and workers who are sitting targets for diabetes, hence our message goes to a bigger audience.
  3. These Corporates also have certain products which are useful for people with diabetes and those who want to pursue a healthy lifestyle, such as whole-wheat bread, kurakkan biscuits, bran crackers, no sugar ice cream, no sugar fizzy drinks, specially made diabetic food etc. These are locally made and are easily available for the public.

The Companies that joined us were:

  • Novo Nordisk.  They explained the participants how to maintain an ideal body weight using the method Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • The Galle Face Hotel, as a sponsor, explained how to prepare a Diabetic meal. A meal (Cake, Jelly & Soup) was prepared by them and served among the participants as there is confusion among the people that the meals prepared in Hotels are not suitable for Diabetic patients.
  • Power World Gym explained how to maintain body weight for a healthy life.
  • Prima offered specially prepared sandwiches made out of whole wheat bread.
  • Maliban Biscuits introduced Bran Crackers.
  • Johnson & Johnson showcased their Glucometer and provided free blood sugar testing.
  • Emarpharma sold Glucometers and offered free blood sugar and HbAic tests to the participants.
  • Health Guard Pharmacy introduced Body Fat Analysis and advised on weight reduction.
  • Zesta served Green Tea specially prepared for Diabetes and Cholesterol.
  • Janashakthi Insurance introduced a special insurance scheme for the Diabetic patients.
  • Ceylon Cold Stores provided no-sugar ice-cream and Ginger Beer (a local fizzy drink) Lite.
  • Ceylon Biscuits had vegetable biscuits.
  • Mega Life presented an introduction on Body Mass Index.
  • Fonterra provided low fat milkshakes and their nutritionists provided free diet advice.
  • Abbotts Pharmaceuticals offered free blood sugar tests and showcased their Glucometers.
  • A Kite Exhibition was held for the children and gifts were distributed.

3.  Collection of Biometric Data
Parallely bio-metric data was collected by our nurses and other pharmaceutical companies and Corporates. Data collected were :

  • Name, address, contact and age
  • Blood sugar readings
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight, Height and Body Mass Index.
  • Diabetes Risk factors
  • Cardiovascular risk factors

hese data allow us to individually follow up with persons with high risk characteristics and those with uncontrolled blood sugars at a later time, to provide further education.

See Image Gallery of 6th Anniversary events.

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