Our anniversary Celebrations

4th Anniversary - 2009


It's that time of the year when we call all persons with Diabetes to celebrate the World Diabetes Day campaign which, for this year has set out to prevent diabetes by establishing access to skilled diabetes education and promote public awareness about Diabetes Prevention.

Diabetes education is something new in Sri Lanka and is not much talked about here. It is best provided by a multidisciplinary team. Diabetes education is necessary as diabetes is difficult. Diabetes imposes life-long demands on people with the disease, requiring them to make multiple decisions related to managing their diabetes. People with diabetes need to monitor their blood glucose, take medication, exercise regularly and adjust their eating habits.

Furthermore, they may have to face issues related to living with the complications of diabetes and may be required to make considerable psychological adjustments. As outcomes are largely based on the decisions they take, it is of paramount importance that people with diabetes receive ongoing, high-quality diabetes education that is tailored to their needs and delivered by skilled health professionals.

Healthy Life Diabetes Clinic embraces this concept of multidisciplinary diabetes education through their trained nurse educators, experienced dietitian and specialists. This year's theme for the world diabetes day further highlights the importance of diabetes education and diabetes prevention. For this purpose, Healthy Life Diabetes Clinic has set out to bring this awareness by means of its Diabetes Awareness Week program, starting from 8 th November to 14 th November.

All you have to do is register with us on or before the 8 th of November to participate in all programs for the entire week. The registration entitles you to a Diabetes Assessment, random blood sugar tests, diabetes education and medical checkup anytime during the entire week. Registration details can be obtained by calling 4700700.

The focus is to integrate the importance of diet, exercise and diabetes education in improving the Diabetes condition. The program starts off with an energizing yoga and exercise routine at the Independence Square on 8 th November at 7am, followed by a healthy food selection shopping spree, a cooking demonstration and a presentation on Food Labeling, at Keells Super, Union Place . Participants can then avail themselves to the special checkup anytime throughout the week.

Simultaneously, Healthy Life Clinic together with Taj group of Hotels is introducing the concept of making healthy choices. Throughout the Diabetes Week, diabetic dessert choices and a counter for health food would be set up at the Latitude, the infamous coffee shop and the Lobby Lounge at Taj Hotels.

For people with diabetes, this is a message about empowerment through diabetes education. It is a call to understand the serious impact of diabetes, to know how to identify the condition and, where possible, know how to avoid or delay diabetes and its complications. Healthy Life Clinic will show you how Life can be sweeter.

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